Institut for Avanceret Hypnose
Jacob Strachotta

Institut for Avanceret Hypnose
Jacob Strachotta

Podcast Awesome Health

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Biooptimizers – awesome health podcast interview med jacob strachotta. Hypnotisør og Hypnoterapeut om hvordan du får det bedre med stress og søvn.

Interview med Jacob Strachotta på den populære Awesome Health Podcast.

Lyt med når jeg fortæller om hvordan man kan slippe for stress og dårlig søvn i denne podcast. 

Den er på engelsk og det sker den 27 august. Du kan abonnere på podcasten her hvis du vil høre det. Jeg håber du vil lytte med, det bliver spændende :-). Det er helt gratis.

Om BiOptimizers

Wade T. Lightheart, a host of the Awesome Health Podcast, is a 3-time All Natural National Bodybuilding Champion, advisor to the American Anti-Cancer Institute and Director of Education at BiOptimizers, one of the world’s most innovative nutritional supplement companies.

Wade has been involved professionally in the nutritional supplement industry for over 15 years. After his digestion totally broke down and he gained 42 pounds following a bodybuilding competition, he began to search for answers. Through a revolutionary doctor, he discovered the power of specific enzyme and probiotic strains for healing digestion and turned his health and life around.

The Awesome Health Podcast reflects Wade’s passion and mission to end needless physical suffering while helping individuals fix their digestion and transform their health.

This podcast is a fun, yet informative show about cutting-edge health tools, technology, principles and nutritional science that rapidly transform anyone’s digestion, overall wellness, and life. It’s both light (and at times hilarious), and highly instructional. 

Each week, worldwide leaders in their respective areas of health or nutrition are interviewed so that listeners can take their best insights and rapidly upgrade their bodies and quality of life.