Institut for Avanceret Hypnose
Jacob Strachotta

Institut for Avanceret Hypnose
Jacob Strachotta

Jacob on stage London

What is Hypnosis.eu?

It is today’s new certification that focuses on

  1. Cause identification and treatment
  2. Deep hypnotic states
  3. Social and intrapsychological mechanisms
  4. Systemic work in the un-/subconsious mind
  5. Creative solutions to severe psychological problems

What does the certification do?

This certification is your guarantee that you undergo a professional training course that is completely up-to-date with the latest techniques in hypnosis, hypnoanalysis and hypnotherapy.

In order to prepare you to meet the certification requirements, you will be trained in an analytical understanding of the workings of the subconscious mind and be taught techniques that uncover the REAL cause of a given problem,  enabling you to treat the cause itself and not just the symptoms

  • You will be taught all known hypnosis techniques and not just a few. The more techniques you know, the better you can hypnotize.
  • You will receive a professional comprehensive and detailed manual with over 100 pages of material
  • There are no additional costs or additional courses you need to pay for. You will learn it all in one go!
Jacob Strachotta presenting at the Digital Health World Congress 2016
Jacob Strachotta presenting at the Digital Health World Congress 2016

The lead instructor

You will be trained by renowned Hypnotist Jacob Strachotta as your primary instructor.

  • Internationally and nationally known
  • Over 20 years experience and, including more than 15,000 performed hypnotisations
  • Celebrity hypnotist. (has hypnotised a number of danish celebrities, including Jarlen and Bo Christiansen and many who can not be mentioned here)
  • Good didactic skills due to wide educational experience and extensive pedagogical knowledge (important in any education courses, in addition to hypnosis experience)
  • Over 600 hypnotists and hypnotherapists trained at the Institute of Advanced Hypnotherapy in Denmark alone
  • At the forefront of the latest knowledge and technology (has published Apps with over 200 products on the Iphone / ipad / Android)

Who offers hypnosis.eu certification?

In Denmark, only the Institute of Advanced Hypnosis by Jacob Strachotta provides  this certification.

If you want to be a certified instructor in your country within the Hypnosis EU branch of effective hypnosis techniques, then please write us and we will let you know when you can attend the next certification course.